Personal Resilience

This programme aims at building resilience, preventing burn out and tackling life’s challenges in an informed way.  Ideal for people who:

  • Are experiencing burn out symptoms and want to stop the downward spiral.
  • Entrepreneurs who need to invest in personal resilience.
  • Individuals who want to invest in their resilience in general to prevent burn out.

Life Coaching

1 on 1 coaching is particularly effective for personal transformation, development, decision making, setting goals and accomplishing them. Rescript Coaching suggests a minimum of 6 sessions spaced over three months in two-week intervals for optimal results. The approach is very flexible and may vary depending on the coachee’s needs and pace. The following programmes are available:

Creative Vocation Design

This programme is ideal for people: 

  • Who are unclear about their next career move.
  • Who are unclear about what to study next.
  • Have been retrenched or lost employment and need to redesign.
  • Are stuck in their current situation and need to find a way forward.


This is all about redefining your relationship with food, weight and body size!  This programme focuses on determining why you eat when you eat. The result? A radically redefined relationship with food, your health, weight loss and body size.  The best part? It’s not a diet at all! It has totally transformed my own life…


Couples Coaching

Couples coaching usually entails individual sessions at some point, but coaching can be very productively utilized in a couples setting as well.  The structure of the coaching can entail the following:

  • Each individual completes their Shadowmatch® behavioral profile
  • A relationship report is requested from Shadowmatch®
  • The contrasting behavioral profiles are assessed
  • A coaching and development path is created for both the couple as a whole and also the individuals.

Groups & Teams

“What we do know is that millennials will soon be populating the management ranks of corporations around the globe.  They will preside over a world that is so fast-changing and competitive that they will have to do markedly better job-building, managing and motivating teams that has been demanded of any previous generation.  The stakes will be that high.” (Rich Karlgaard – Team Genius)

Team Mastery

This programme (presented either in seminar, workshop or training format) equips leaders, managers and teams to become functional teams.  Only a small percentage of teams are actually functional (the statistics are quite shocking), and we can not underestimate the fact that teams must be designed by leadership to function (they don’t just “happen”)


Shadowmatch Team Report

Shadowmatch® is a unique test which does not focus on personality, IQ or even talents.  It measures behavioural patterns (also called habits) with a variety of applications.  In the team report each member of a team’s behavioural patterns are compared with the team’s general climate of behaviours. From this, an intelligent development journey for the team is mapped to best utilise individual strengths and structure for team weaknesses or blindspots.

DISC Profiling

In association with Perselog® South Africa, clients can make use of the DISC profile to better understand their strengths, weaknesses and growth opportunities.  Used in conjunction with the Shadowmatch® system, the DISC profile is a brilliant opportunity to understand the team and each of its members’ unique behavioral and personality makeup.

Keynote Speaker, Public Addresses and Conference Speaker

Jan Niemand from Rescript Coaching is a proficient public speaker with almost 10 years of experience speaking to small, medium, large and conference gatherings.

Employee Recruitment, Wellness, Engagement and Performance

Rescript Coaching’s business coaching options address the fourfold conundrum of employee, wellness, engagement and performance.  How is it possible to keep all 4 dimensions in mind when working when employing people? By using the Shadowmatch® system. Shadowmatch® is a unique online worksheet which does not focus on personality, IQ or even talents.  It measures behavioural patterns (also called habits) with a variety of applications in coaching, mentoring, relationships and more. Rescript Coaching frequently uses Shadowmatch® ‘s system to design processes which facilitate:

  • Engagement and performance benchmarking
  • Employee support and wellness
  • Mentorship
  • Smart recruitment based on people’s habits
  • Employee coaching and development
  • Optimal placement, and more

Executive Coaching

Rescript Coaching’s executive coaching programmes support leaders, managers and executives to:

  • Manage change and transition managemen
  • In collaboration with the City Changers Institute, include human capital development in their corporate governance and strategy
  • Responsible and sustainable future casting and planning