About Rescript

About Rescript Coaching

Each person is a rich history from which wisdom can be drawn.  Each person has insights and dazzling capabilities which will surprise even themselves.  The problem is that we buy into secondary stories; stories that fit (more or less), but that don’t really tap into our created divine design.  There are secondary stories available all around us, and they are easier, in a sense, to follow.  Why do we choose secondary stories?  The answer is like two sides of the same coin:  1) because we don’t think we have other options available to us (great things happen to other people, not me), and 2) because we talk to the wrong people!

Rescript’s coaching techniques, based on the latest research and discoveries in the field of neuroscience, assumes that every person can live a fulfilling, powerful story.  We are frequently just a single conversation away with the right person to discovering the options available to us which we never even considered.  Rescript will be your partner in discovering, drafting, grafting and writing your primary story to which you are called!


Our Values









Growth is continual.  There is no plateau. Modern life is changing so rapidly that nobody can afford to stay in the same place of learning for too long.  Rescript is dedicated to stimulating growth in our clients.


Wisdom is, in essence, living from coherence and alignment. Wisdom means incorporating multiple perspectives into a coherent whole so that the road map forward makes sense for each client. Rescript is committed to assist clients make the wisest choices available to them.




Purpose is responding sensibly to the context of your life with the gifts, strengths and resources you have available to you. But ultimately, finding true purpose is about living past yourself and serving others. Rescript will help you discover what it means to live beyond yourself towards a higher purpose.



Our fast-paced society, innovative technologies and rapidly altering social landscapes mean that becoming change-fit is critical to navigate the pressures of modern-day living.  Rescript is passionate about equipping our clients to become change-fit in creative and evolving ways.


What is coaching? 

Coaching is, broadly speaking, enlisting the help and support of a professional coach resulting in personal development, self-directed learning and reaching goals.   Rescript Coaching takes the perspective of neurocoaching, basing coaching techniques on the latest discoveries in neuroscience.  From a neuroscience perspective, a coach is:  “an expert in facilitating self-directed neuroplasticity.” (Definition taken from, Amy Brann – Neuroscience for coaches, 2015. Kogan Page).


Why do I need coaching? 

Many people do realise the benefits of coaching since it relatively new to South Africa (and many other countries).  However, the benefits are very real and powerful.  People who find coaching particularly helpful may be the following:

  • You feel “stuck in a rut” and want a change, but are not sure what that change will entail;
  • You feel overwhelmed by current realities and just can’t cope effectively;
  • You are experiencing radical change in your life. This can entail anything from marriage, divorce, becoming a first-time parent, kids leaving the home or facing retirement;
  • When life unexpectedly deals you an unfavorable hand like retrenchment/losing a job, managing disappointments or any other sudden change that is outside of your control;
  • Fast-tracking life and business goals;
  • Getting rid of bad habits which are counterproductive to your health, wellness and wholeness as a person.

Other areas where coaching has proved to be very effective:

  • Relationships (from romantic to family);
  • Career planning;
  • Decision-making;
  • Entrepreneurial ventures;
  • Work-life integration;
  • Spiritual growth, and the list goes on!