Micro-resilience – the art of navigating life’s little bumps (3)

Micro-resilience - the art of navigating life’s little bumps (3)

This third article focusses on something which happens to all of us – failure (want to check out article 1 and article 2 again? Click away!).  In a sense, we’ve lost the art of failing successfully.  Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean that we should aim for failure.  Rather, we should recognise that failure is an integral part of growth and attaining our goals.  If we can’t fail successfully, then we won’t grow, learn and ultimately innovate successfully.

On this point, I wish to introduce Marlie Holtzhausen of the James 1:27 Trust (check out their website here!  They are really making an impact!).  I facilitated a workshop for the staff of the trust (it’s built on the Shadowmatch system’s behavioural patterns) in how to “fail successfully.”  Marlie opted to write on her impressions and learnings of the day.  From here on, it’s her words.

1. We must learn to fail successfully

In an unpredictable world, we can be certain that we will fail. But how do we cope with failure?  Recently, Jan Niemand facilitated a workshop on the behavioural patterns of staff members of an NGO I am doing my research on. He highlighted that when people get “stuck” in life there are four ways to get “unstuck”: leave, learn, laugh, live.

We started talking about South Africa, our coping mechanisms to deal with our realities and how bizarre it would be to laugh about our country’s challenges. We soon realised that one of the reasons we cannot laugh about it is because we are profoundly stuck. We remain a divided society and our progress seems to have come to a grinding halt.  We no longer leave, learn, laugh and live through our challenges (collective and individual).  We seem to merely accept, resent and get stuck. How can we learn if we have never truly left our trapped position?  How can we laugh if we have not learned to fundamentally change the structures of society? And how can we live if we cannot laugh?

2. Hope in the midst of stuckness

But are we a hopeless bunch?

No, rather, my experience tells me that we are a resilient bunch. We have so much unrealised potential, substance, abilities, and resources. Our “DNA” as South Africans is diverse, but we will have to manage our fears, deal with our past in constructive ways and plan realistically for the future. We do this daily by being solutions-oriented, using our intrinsic skills (people-orientated, information-orientated, material/mechanical and creative skills), being disciplined, building our confidence and forming healthy relationships. 

Rescript Coaching in partnership with other organisations like Shadowmatch provides incredible tools to do so.

So let’s get “unstuck”…    

The Life Audit workshop that Marlie is referring to is an extension of the diverse functionality of the Shadowmatch system and addresses issues like 1) how to work with my habits instead of against them, 2) dealing with failure in a constructive way, 3) how to navigate the realities of Industry 4.0 and the VUCA world, 4) ensuring that your lifestyle and habits cohere instead of conflict.

All these topics can help individuals, teams and companies alike navigate the bumps of life and exhibit micro-resilience. 

Invest in your resilience! Your older self will thank you.



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