Sep 2018
Why I refuse to help my wife

I have to confess.  I hate helping my wife at home (and in general).  In fact, I want to go a bit further.  I don’t hate helping her.  I refuse to help her.  There.  I said it. But what do I mean with that one confession?  That she doesn’t need my help?  That she is fully capable of getting along without my interfering?  That she is able to handle the stresses and strain of life without my involvement?  Yes, surely all these.  But that’s not why I refuse to help.  You see,......

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Jun 2018
Micro-resilience – the art of navigating life’s little bumps

The topic of resilience, your personal “bounce back” factor, has been a hot topic in recent years, especially with the alarming statistics regarding stress, occupational burnout, and other stress-related health issues.  However, when we talk about resilience, we frequently encounter extreme cases.  For instance, someone surviving on stranded on a desert island for 6 months before being rescued or a mountaineer who by sheer wits and guts rescues not just herself, but her entire team from certain death on Mt. Everest. These are extreme cases of resilience and they inspire us immensely. ......

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