Rescript’s coaching techniques, based on the latest research and discoveries in the field of neuroscience, assumes that every person can live a fulfilling, powerful story.  We are frequently just a single conversation away with the right person to discovering the options available to us which we never even considered.  Rescript will be your partner in discovering, drafting, grafting and writing your primary story to which you are called!

Why Coaching?

Each person is a rich history from which wisdom can be drawn.  Each person has insights and dazzling capabilities which will surprise even themselves.  The problem is that we buy into secondary stories; stories that fit (more or less), but that don’t really tap into our created divine design.  There are secondary stories available all around us, and they are easier, in a sense, to follow.  Why do we choose secondary stories?  The answer is like two sides of the same coin:  1) because we don’t think we have other options available to us (great things happen to other people, not me), and 2) because we talk to the wrong people!

The story of Jan Niemand

My name is Jan Niemand.  As with many people, what I do now was not what I started out doing at first.  Or let’s rephrase that…  What I thought I wanted to do, and what I am doing no, did not at first connect.  But hindsight is a wonderful thing.  And the puzzle pieces have come together in an unsuspectedly wonderful way.

There can actually be a lot of pressure to define your calling as quickly as possible.  Why?  Because you need to know what you are going to study; need to know what your logical goals are before you turn 30; need to know where to buy a house (if you’re lucky); need to… must… have to…  Why this mad rush to embrace your final, properly defined, step-by-step calling?


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